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Trader Max™ NOW AVAILABLE!!!


Advanced (Standard Test)


For all users, following entry conditions, great Expert with various protection systems, improvements in order management, monitoring system to prevent unwanted VPS drops, all improvements of all merged versions and refined into an excellent version.


This system is fully automated, it adapts to new market conditions, with its dynamic entry system and has protections against atypical price movements.


The more the market moves, the more opportunities it generates, there are fast roads with Takes (Dynamic) already defined and Trailing positions almost immediate for order security and profit maximization.


System with Low Risk and constant development.


Major advances in TraderMax™Trading System, revolutionary ability to deal with adverse market situations.


- [] Power 1G, Absorbs the Opposite Cycle in good condition (positive profit), thus improving the positioning of all open Orders, facilitating Protection systems such as Close HL (SAB), in the Advanced Method it also allows starting a new Cycle ( Third Cycle) on the favorable side of the market trend, making it even easier on Close HL, Protect Side SAB, thus leaving the issue of DD in atypical market moments very well controlled.


- [] Recording of information in a file, they maintain a Backup file with several important information for the Expert, very useful in situations such as VPS restart, undue closure of MT4 or VPS migration.


- [] TM Protect system redid its database, changing from price reading and Magic Number to individual reading of Tickets (All Cycles, including protection cycles now recorded in Arrays), providing superior security to the block.


- [] Optimization in the Apply Sets Remote system, with several new functions applied remotely, and inclusion of a schedule, when in some hypothesis of failure to apply specific functions of the Block (now also including a small report in case of any error in applications) .


- [] As a result of Power 1G, the system now also has the possibility of managing multiple MN, allowing automated adjustments/combinations of orders, in practice the Expert decides all his orders individually or jointly for the side that suits him (License required Power 1G).


- [] Several new options to obtain Expert Logs in Dashboard, for a more advanced monitoring of the system.


- [] Improvement in the Control Block of Pending Orders, adjustments and fine revisions applied (Possibility to Apply Remote Commands to your Expert, priority closing, simple, system report among other things).


- [] Improvements in the protection system together with new orders of the same Cycle (Example Sell Protection orders with SL new orders also Sell with specific TP).


- [] Several internal improvements and optimizations, Dashboard improvements (Some VPS it was not possible to view all Dashboard options).


Extras Improvements;


- [ ] Improvements in the system's general trading strategies;

- [ ] Ability to repair Trailing points at any time (Power);

- [ ] Ability to carry out Trailings of basic cycles even with SAB (New);

- [ ] Improvements in the management of Auto Magic Number (Power);

- [ ] Optimization in Apply Remote Sets;

- [ ] Close High/Low by Arrays;

- [ ] Close High/Low Order Unlock (Before only 1).

- [ ] SAB Priority by Arrays;

- [ ] All the above systems worked by Trailing Stop (Big advance because it was just closing, with this new advance it applies the possibilities of Profits and maximization to the protection of the system);

- [ ] Trend and SAB Trend Order systems working according to the TS mentioned above, thus opening Trend orders and maintaining the TS positions of Protection (Power) orders;

- [ ] Protection System added to Trailing Stops (correcting the TS positioning or the impossibility of closing the respective orders, thus avoiding misalignments);

- [ ] Big improvement in TM Protection. ======================================================

Whats is Arrays?


Monthly target >= 6%


Minimum Deposit: 50 USD

Recommended deposit: 500 USD


Lifetime 500 € -  (Limited Time Price)


Other Payment Methods:
Binance Pay, Cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill, N26, PayPal, Credit Card, SEPA SEPA. (Fees may apply)

Trader MaxTM - EA

€1,000.00 Regular Price
€400.00Sale Price
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