Trader Max™

High Frequency Win (FX - TM)

          Terms regarding the acquisition and / or rental of Trader Max TM software. 

          (Versão em Português - PT)

1 - When making a purchase / rental of any software belonging to the brand, the user undertakes to provide an MT4 ID / Account, in addition to his main E-mail address used on the website to the proper linking of the software / user license to the user,

2 - After the first partial or complete license linkage is made to the user, he is committed to maintaining his MT4 ID / Account for future use, in case it is necessary to exchange it, the user must request it from TraderMaxTM support , as long as it proves that the new MT4 ID / Account belongs to the same, the user being responsible for the license administration / change fee for a new one, in the amount of € 20 (Twenty Euros) for each new change,

3 - In the case of a lease-type license, it is the user's duty and discretion to express interest in monthly (30 days), quarterly (90 days) or semiannual (180 days) renewal of the software, if there is no manifestation of the same within 7 calendar days after the term of the previously leased license, the license will be suspended / deactivated immediately without notice,

4 - The user undertakes to download his main software or derivatives, including future updates of part or all related content, on the website

4.1 - Access to Updates has no extra cost to users and will only be available as long as the following conditions are maintained;
     * Copy Trader users (Freedom, Premium, New Life and Little HFT) have an active and uninterrupted link with                    TraderMaxTM with FBS Inc.
     * Do not have open invoices with TraderMaxTM

5 - It is up to the user to follow up on any Update or complementary tool, launch or rectify any Software through a Newsletter or Support, Support or Related Groups,

6 - For the complete knowledge of the user, he admits that all the Software is constantly improved and monitored to maintain the maximum possible performance, however for knowledge of the same, results, optimizations, Backtestings, benchmarks or any demonstrative form of past performance does not guarantee future results , these subjects being subject to market variations.

7 - Attribution of Extra_Signals use of Expert Smart ActionTM for use in FOREX does not generate additional cost, having as sole criterion the opening of an account with Broker / Broker FBS Inc through the Link:

8 - Acquisition of the right to use the systems called New LifeTM, FreedomTM and PremiumTM

8.1 - Users active in the FreedomTM and PremiumTM systems prior to April 30, 2021 are exempted from payments related to topic 8.3, however, being deprived of the right to use the New LifeTM system, which they may enter at any time as long as they update their licenses. subject to topic 8.3

8.2 - All users active in the PremiumTM project obtain the right to use the FreedomTM and New LifeTM system at no additional cost in the case of licenses acquired after April 30, 2021, subject to topic 8.3.

8.2.1 - Little HFT member users do not actually have a license, but the right to use software, and members of this project can request as many licenses as necessary (no additional costs), as long as they are actually in your name and that is linked to TraderMaxTM with FBS Inc.

8.3 - Terms of Use and Costs related to the New LifeTM, FreedomTM, PremiumTM and Little HFT systems:

          a) When entering any of the systems mentioned in topic 8.3, the user undertakes to pass on 33.3% of the Profit            arising from the use of these systems,

                    - It is not required to pay if the income is less than 5% month.

                    - It is conditioned to pay half of the transfer value if the Profit is greater than 5% and less than 10%                                  per month.

                    - It is conditional on payment of full amount if the income is greater than or equal to 10% month.

                    - It will be at the discretion of the user to choose 2 months in the current year for exemption from fees,                          regardless of how many, and at least 15 days notice must be given. (Non-cumulative/transferable)

          b) It is the user's responsibility to make the payments in topic 8.3, directed to the Perfect Money, Neteller,                    Skrill,  N26, PayPal, Credit Card, SEPA or any other previously communicated means of payment,

          c) It is the duty of the user to settle amounts from topic 8.3 between the 1st and 8th of each month, if it is not                effective between these dates, it is subject to deactivation of the license until due discharge / payment of                      pending amounts,

          d) The user is released from the obligation to pay amounts from topic 8.3 in the current month in situations                   such as:

          - System inactivity in the reference month;

          - Transfer amounts less than 20 USD, being accumulated in the following month;

          - If under any circumstances the system has generated loss in the reference month, this being exempt until full              recovery of the loss amount;

          e) Transfer amounts under topic 8.3 are referred to as:

          - Operational costs,
          - Systems maintenance,
          - Costs for improvements,

          - Cost with servers,

          - Costs in risk and complementary prevention and alert systems.

          These are exempt from the costs arising from topic 2.

          f) The license remains active when and if the user is linked to TraderMaxTM with FBS Inc, if he does not comply            with such requirement, he is subject to the DEACTIVATION of the license until the due linking procedure.

8.4 - The company is not responsible for technical failures or possible losses and/or delays,
Even with all the work in maintenance and development, failures can occur for different reasons, such as instability of VPS servers.


          Trader Max TM Software Terms of Use

1 - It is prohibited / prohibited under any circumstances the improper copying of any software or add-ons belonging to the Trader Max TM brand,

2 - The user / holder of a license to use is faithfully committed not to sublet or resell his license of use,

3 - Any type of reverse engineering, attempt to decompile, attempt to break code or related information on any software or add-ons belonging to the Trader Max TM brand is prohibited / prohibited,

4 - It is forbidden / prohibited to try to copy part or all of the structure, complementary or main software tool belonging to Trader Max TM.

In any of the violations mentioned above (Term of Use of Trader Max TM Software), without prior notice, this will result in the instant loss of possession of software use belonging to the Trader Max TM brand and loss of the right to future purchase / lease of software and add-ons belonging to it.

Changes to the Acquisition and / or lease terms may happen without notice.
Changes to the Trader Max TM Software Terms of Use may occur without notice.


          Privacy Policy

User Privacy is very important to us.

Our policy respects your privacy in relation to the information collected / processed.

Only certain information is collected due to the effectiveness in providing licenses, we do this fairly and not too much, with your knowledge also informed why this use of collected information.

Only information is collected for as long as necessary, during an active client and user of any of our software, thus being able to provide a better service and provide better performance to quality controls and commands done remotely, linked and retained to the user holding his personal license use.

Information collected by TraderMaxTM is treated with the utmost confidentiality, protecting in order to prevent loss and theft, as well as undue access to it, we address the level of access which is not possible to modify without authorization by the holder thereof.

We will not share personal information publicly or to a third party.

The TraderMaxTM website may contain links from external websites which we have no control over content or practice on terms of, so we cannot accept any responsibility for information dealt with.

The user can request from TraderMaxTM the non-processing of data, however, thus being unable to use some services with it.

The effective and continued use of our website will be considered as acceptance of these terms if no request is made by the user.

If you have any questions you can contact us directly through the support field.


          TraderMaxTM Monitoring System

The new TraderMaxTM monitoring system comes with the objective of bringing more security to the user in situations such as:

  • VPS inactivity for more than 30 minutes;

  • High Ping value> = 500 ms;

  • DD value> = 30%;

  • Outdated version of the Expert;

Its beginning will be divided in 2 phases, being them;

First Phase (Current):

Users who request the service in principle will only be notified by the Project Administrator, remaining in the previous verification queue.

Second Phase:

The system will notify the user via Email and / or Push (MQID) and the notice sent to the Project Administrator will be at the discretion.

Service Costs

Users subject to Topic 8.3 (Terms Regarding Software Acquisition and / or Rental) are exempt from using the service at no additional cost (Free)

The others are required to pay € 5 (Euros) per month to maintain assets in the system.


The TraderMaxTM monitoring system has the clear and objective proposal to bring a safer environment in situations indicated above, however it can still be subject to technical failures, network instability, electrical instability and / or other situations in which it may be impossible to function properly, thus maintaining the recommendation and the duty of the user to check VPS and related status even if sporadically!


          Disclaimer of Liability

The company and / or its collaborators are not responsible under any circumstances for partial or total losses of values, being fully aware that the variable income market of any nature involves risks of partial or total losses of values, and may not be suitable for all investors, as well as the possibility of great leverage, taking note of this the user is fully responsible for any share value or reaction in the relevant Forex market and / or its derivatives / similar / related.